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Happy Autumn Sunflowers

These sunflowers are sure to please! They are fun and easy to make and a bouquet can make a great gift for anyone with allergies to floral scents or a table centre piece. Use them to make fridge magnets, hair barret, paper weights or a bouquet of flowers (add backing and stems) Materials:  medium to large pine cones cone cutters scissors glue gun, superglue or tacky glue paint paintbrush water cup palette (a plastic lid) How to Make: 1. Cut the ends off a few cones. Tidy them up by using pliers to remove extra scales. (lower right) Place  cone ends on the table, scale side up. 2. Prepare pine scale petals by trimming the thinner end (where it originally attached to the cone) to create a point. Sturdy scissors work well for this.   3. Layout the scales around the flower centre to determine how many will be needed. In the photo below, 11 may be needed.  4. Paint the scale petals the desired color. I use a flat size 4 paintbrush below. I use a paint palette to keep the pieces together. Le