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Is Warmer Water a Problem for Aquarium Fish During Summer Heat Waves?

 The answer is, it depends on many factors.  1. What temperatures are natural for the fish specific you have in your tank?  Cold water fish will be more stressed than ones from warmer climates as warm water holds less oxygen than cold water. For most tropical fish, don't worry about temperatures upto 30C  for a few weeks.  2. Are your fish from slow or fast flowing water?  Fish from faster flowing water will be more stressed than those who are adapted to slow flowing water as they require higher oxygen levels in the water.  3. What is the surface area ratio of your tank?  Tall tanks have less surface area than long tanks and therefore have lower oxygen in the water.  4. How effective are your biological filters? High ammonia content in your tank contribute to low oxygen as the nitrifying bacteria consumes oxygen in the nitrogen cycle. Make sure they are operating efficiently. 5. How much are you feeding?  Feed a little less food during high heat. Just like other animals, unusual ex