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How to Make Pine Cone Bats for Halloween!

 Here's how to step by step make these cute bats for Halloween.  Materials: one redwood cone one rounded oak acorn cap 2 long pine cone scales 16 or more large maple keys (seeds). Ideally, collect the maples seeds before they are mature. If you collect after they are mature, you will have to rub off the tiny spines before use and cut off one or both bumps on the sides of the seeds so the keys lay flat for gluing. red paint yellow or white acrylic paint paintbrush glue gun or other glue For this project, it is easiest to build the pieces separately, paint them, then glue them together. 1. Start with the body.  Choose an oval redwood cone and glue a oak acorn cap on the narrow end.  Choose two rounded pine cone scales and glue one on each side of the acorn cap. Place the tip into the first crack behind the cap. Glue into place. 2. Next, put together the wings. If you are using fully mature maple seeds, choose two to cut the bump off the back side of each. These become the supports fo