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New Babies in the House!

I am very excited today! There are new babies in the house. No, not children. Not puppies. Guppies! If you know me at all, you will know this makes me giddy! Let me explain!  About two months ago I was on the hunt for some guppies to add to my growing collection of fish and aquariums. When I was growing up, the fancy guppies that we see today were very rare. What we did have access to were some "common" or "wild type" guppies. They were much smaller than today's guppies with smaller fins and certainly nowhere near as colorful patterns on their bodies and fins. They were very hardy little fish and much would have to go wrong to kill these little guys who would multiply like crazy in tanks of all sizes, shapes and temperatures. Today, these are called "Endlers" and they are harder to get especially as a pure strain and when you can find them, they are often expensive. I am told that they are not just common guppies but actually a different species than