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Ponderosa Pine Christmas Centre Piece

This week, I found this very lightweight large cone in my collection. It was damaged and so not one I would sell. I decided to have some fun with it. I combined it with a piece of driftwood, some smaller cones and a last minute acorn elf and this is what came out of it! Materials: paint (white, yellow, green) paintbrush glue sticks and glue gun scissors red ribbon bead chain or wrapping cord, 3 wraps of the cone 2 x 2.5cm (1 inch) foil-wrapped gifts (foam and colored wrapping paper and tie) piece of thick cardboard (I use a cereal box) or thin plywood at least as long as the driftwood piece and wider than the driftwood and large cone combined. scissors white glue or tacky glue 1 piece of driftwood 25cm-30cm (10-12) inches long (interesting shape) 1 large 15cm-20cm (6-8 inch) Pine Cone 5-7 small and medium pine cones 20 partially developed acorns Step 1 Gather the materials that you are thinking of using. This was before I thought of adding an acorn elf to the scene. Tip: I use a plasti