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Preparing Wood for Your Aquarium

When you get a new piece of wood for your aquarium, no matter where you get or buy it from, you want to make sure it is safe for your fish, crustaceans, amphibians and reptiles.  Avoid Sap and Pitch The first thing to check is that it is matured wood with no sap or pitch on it or in it. Pitch contains chemicals that are toxic to fish and invertebrates. Make sure any bark is removed as it is under the bark where sap or pitch is most often found. In most environments, dead wood fully "ages" in about a year from the time it has fallen or been cut down. Avoid pine and cedar (except really old saltwater driftwood) as they both have toxic chemicals than can cause irritation, breathing issues in amphibians and fish. Clean the Wood The next thing is to clean it. Use a bristle brush to clean all the surfaces and crevices. Hose the piece off, and run water over the entire piece. A new toothbrush (not previously used) can get into smaller spaces. Remove any soft wood that easily flakes