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Mosquito and Midge Larvae-More FREE fish food

Probably the easiest cultures to maintain are what comes naturally from the yard during spring through fall seasons in the northwest. Culturing them is as simple as placing out a bucket of clean water or a tray of clean water and leaving it to sit for a few days. You can use tap water as the chlorine will naturally dissipate with time. Mosquito Larvae In just a few days you will see tiny black floating bits often at the edge of the container. If you look closely, they look like tiny pieces of charcoal. Those are mosquito egg rafts! Each egg raft looks like a tiny grain of wild rice. The rafts break apart easily. Each raft contains 50-100 eggs. Photo below is 60X magnification. I have a small clip on magnifier for my phone. In each raft, there are hundreds of eggs. When they are first laid, the rafts are white. Within about 8-10 hours, they gradually turn darker and then to black. Wait about 24-36 hours (depending on temperature) and they will hatch into the tiniest of wiggling insect l