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Making a Purple Dye

Making a Purple Lichen Dyes for Crafts Use a glass jar with a lid that seals.  Loosely fill jar with the (single type of) lichen.  For wool and silk (and other protein-based materials), fill the jar with an acid bath like 5% vinegar or 100% lemon juice. Wash the wool first to remove oil and salt. For plant-based materials like grasses and pine needles, ammonia or urine works better. Try a 1:1 water to ammonia ratio to almost fill the jar. Leave an inch or so at the top as this process needs oxygen. Tightly close the jar, soak lichen but shake daily and open weekly to add oxygen into the process. Store in a dark place where kids and pets can't get at it. Soak for 3 months or more to get a darker more intense color.  Tip:   When you open the jar take it outside. The ammonia is very strong and toxic indoors. Once the liquid turns a dark grape color, it is time to sample it to see if it is the color you desire. In a stainless steel or glass pot, take one cup of base liquid (seiving out