Sun-Bleached Wood, Drift Wood & Bark

Drift Wood
Wood can be used to hardscape an aquarium, paludarium or terrarium, to add flair to flower arrangements, as a base for growing moss etc. 

Sun-bleached wood is dry, typically grey wood that has been aged naturally by sun and wind. The bark has been removed, exposing wood underneath. 

Driftwood is wood that has aged naturally by wind and fresh or salt water. 

Our wood is selected for their unique shape, size and type that is appropriate for animal habitats.  We have scrubbed all pieces with hot water to remove dirt, loose pieces and bugs. 

Check out the unique pieces we have selected for you. The one you order is the one you get! If you have custom orders, please contact us (hidden email) to let us know what you are looking for. 

Long Thin pieces
20 cm-53cm (8"-21") long
Price CA$8 for all 6 pieces

Textured Piece (Sold)
30cm long x 12cm high x 20cm wide
Price: CA$7

back side

Busy Piece! (sold)
Grey color when dry. Sun-baked. Scrubbed and washed.
86cm long by 43 cm by 38cm.
34" long x 17" high x 15" wide. (I would keep this one but it's too big for my regular 55 gal tank)
Price: $34

Curved Piece
Nice texture!
54cm long x 15cm wide x15cm high (at longest point)
21" x 6" x6"
Price: CA$10

The Face
(Can you see it in the first photo?)
This is wood from salt water. 
61cm long on the diagonal x 38 cm wide x18cm high
2ft x 15" wide x 7" 
Price: CA$20

Click here here to learn how to prepare the wood for the aquarium. 

Check out our bark pieces! They can be reptile and amphibian hides in a vivarium, floats for the aquarium, a base for a candle centre piece and more! Each piece is unique. Edges and inner sides have been sanded by hand to remove splinters. 

The Tunnel
Corky bark from Douglas fir. Sturdy but not too heavy.
28cm long x 20 cm wide x 11.5 cm high.
(11" x 8" x 4.5 ") 
Price: CA$5

The Tube (Sold) Similar one available.
Has natural lichens growing on it.
37cm long x 7.5cm wide x 7.5 cm high
(14.5" x 3" x 3")
Price: CA$5

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