Starter Critter Cultures

We offer several different live starter cultures to feed aquarium fish, amphibians and reptiles, birds etc. Get your culture started today!
All cultures are home grown.

white worms  red wiggler worms  springtails (Collembola)  
microworms  vinegar eels  daphnia
 pill bugs  sow bugs infusoria-paramecium  

The invertebrates listed below are currently available. Others coming soon!
We will post if any are out of stock.

For bulk orders (5 or more cultures), please contact us ahead of when you need it. 

Infusoria Starter Cultures $2
When you have an unexpected batch of eggs and need tiny live food fast for egg layers like bettas, tetras etc., grab a started culture of infusoria. Cut your culturing time down to about 2-5 days. Check out our blog post on speedy culturing.
Our infusoria is contains paramecium, euglena, rotifers, amoeba and others may be present. About 2 ounces of fluid.

Here is a video clip of what is commonly found in our infusoria cultures. It is first magnified 60X then 100X.
 A variety of food sizes will allow you to feed a variety of sizes of fish fry as they grow.

Great first food for baby fish fry, small fish like young guppies and larval and young aquatic amphibians. Microworms are actually Nematodes. Starter culture in about 2 ounces of oatmeal.

White Springtails  Approx. 100 in a 60mL container. $4 
Live food for surface feeding fish, small amphibians and reptiles and clean up crew for vivariums and paludariums. 

White Worms  $5
Ideal for tropical and cold water fish, amphibians and reptiles. Mantids and small birds love them too! Container with worms and some dirt.

Baby Pillbugs Rollie Pollies (Armadillidium Vulgare) 
Eaten by reptiles, amphibians and birds. Great clean up crew in a vivarium or reptile/amphibian cage!
wild type 3-5 mm  50 for $3

Adult Pill bugs Rolly Pollies (Armadillidium Vulgare) 
wild type (breed your own)
Eaten by reptiles, amphibians and birds. Large fish may eat them if you feed when they are molting as they are softer.
Great clean up crew in a vivarium or reptile/amphibian cage!
1 cm and up, mixed sexes or pregnant females (depending on season)
20 for $5

Bladder snails
Great clean up crew in an aquarium. Eaten by some fish, crayfish and turtles.
Come to the surface to breathe and easy to pick them out then to feed to your critters.
10 medium (approx. 1 cm shells) plus 3 egg masses for $4

Daphnia are much sought after nutritious live food! Great for baby fish, small adult species and aquatic amphibian larvae. Larger fish will eat adult daphnia too.
100 mixed-aged daphnia Some may have eggs. $5. (Currently out of stock Jan. 2021)

Daphnia eggs (dry)
Approx 100 in a small plastic zipper bag $5
We can ship within Canada for additional $2
Any time of year.
(Sorry, no international shipping available.)

Provides shade and cover for baby livebearers. Food for Goldfish. Absorbs nitrates.
A generous handful in a bag. $2

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