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 Welcome to Island Discovery's "Nature Crafts and Critters" ordering page! 

At the present time, we offer an online catalogue with in-person pick up only. Payment is by Interac transfer or cash at the door. 

Please contact us with your order. 

Pick up is near Colliery Dam Park in Nanaimo, BC.  Our address will be emailed to you. 

Please let us know the day and time you will be picking up your order so we can have it ready for no-contact pick up. 


Nutty Pine Cone Wreath Kit

"I came across the Nature Crafts and Critters website by chance meeting with Donna and love the idea of using materials found in nature to make things. My family spends a lot of time exploring local trails and my 5 year old son is constantly bringing treasures home.
When I saw the Christmas Nutty Pine Cone Door Wreath materials for sale, I knew it would be a hit! Easy safe no touch pick up in Nanaimo was very easy and the instructions on the website were easy to follow. I highly recommend this craft and will be following up with the website to try out other ones in the future!"

Brenda R. 
Nanaimo, BC

"Having waited too late last year to gather cones myself, I thought I'd buy some this year from Donna Hill. I was not disappointed! They were clean, dry, no bugs and in pristine condition! She offers other nature related finds like driftwood and such too, offering to keep a look out for specific sizes and shapes. Highly recommend."
Cyndi R.
Nanaimo, BC

"My search for pine cones led me to Donna. I bought 3 bags early this year and purchased 6 or 7 more bags this fall. There were a variety of pine cones and I chose the red pine. They come in all sizes: small, medium and large. I would recommend Donna's pine cones any time as for me they were useful for Christmas crafting."

Joseph P. 
Nanaimo, BC

"I would love to thank Nature Crafts and Critters-Nanaimo, BC, Donna.
Your wide variety of cones have become a very happy place in my home to do crafting with my Special Needs clients. They are always in such amazing shape! I love the variety that you have all shapes and sizes and amazing condition. Never broken always dried. Such a dream to be able to use these cones to do crafting. I highly recommend you check out the supply if you ever need anything! Thank you."

T. Ranks
Nanaimo, BC
"I would like to give a big shout out and thank you to Donna at Nature Crafts and Critters for the beautiful cones I picked up from her . Donna was very friendly to deal with and followed Covid regulations.The cones were in perfect condition,I purchased 3 bags super cheap and every cone was clean and I appreciated that. Would highly recommend Donna for crafting ideas , she was even kind enough to offer to put my finished product on her web page. Thank you." L. Wyndlow Nanaimo, BC

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