Moss / Lichens

Bark, moss and lichens can be used for a variety of projects.

Staghorn Lichen 
17 x 20 cm (7"x 8") bag

Makes a beautiful range of lilac-colored dyes for wool, silk, and plant materials like cotton, raffia, pine needles, and other projects.

Click Here to see a blog post on how to make the purple dye.

Reindeer Moss (Lichen)
17 x 20 cm (7"x 8") bag 

This lichen is used as miniature trees and shrubs for model trains as it is long-lasting. It is also used in flower arrangements, planter boxes and terrariums. You can make Bonsai trees from it as well! It can be dyed. Some people treat it with glycerine to make it look alive. 

Ideas for use:

Click here to learn how to preserve Reindeer Moss.

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