Craft Kits for Crafters, Kids and Seniors

Crafters, Teachers, Homeschoolers, Group Leaders, Senior Activity Coordinators:

Save time and effort by ordering kits with the materials needed for nature crafts! For large volumes (more than 10 of the same kit) please order in advance to make sure we have time to gather, dry and prepare the materials for you! You provide the paint, brushes and glue gun and glue sticks.

Priced per kit.

Christmas Nutty Pine Cone Wreath Kit

Everything you need to make this 30cm (12 inch) wreath except the glue and paint. 
Includes styrofoam or lattice wreath frame, string and all cones and nuts. Great for the door or as a table centre piece. $12 for one wreath kit.
Limited quantity available. Check our blog post for step by step how to instructions.

Animal kits (animal, birds, invertebrates)

Animal Kits

Panda Bear or Brown Bear Kits
The natural materials to make 3 basic Panda, Paddington or Winnie the Poo-like bears. 3 small sequoia cones, 3 large sequoia cones, 9 alder cones, & 9 spruce cone cores. Extra props (such as the yield sign in the photo below) will be supplied by you. $3

Click our blog post to see how to make a panda bear!

Thanksgiving Turkeys

cones and other nature supplies to make 4 turkeys

CA$2 per kit.

Check our blog post on how to make the turkeys! 

Flower Kits (ready for painting)
Do you need some happy signs of spring to help cheer your day? Or perhaps you are looking for an unscented alternative to real flowers. No watering required! 
Here are cone flowers all ready for you to paint. The sunflowers require some assembly.

Cone Flower Variety Kit
Pre-cut flowers. Save the work and hassles of cutting your own flowers. We'll save you the fun part! Painting them! Flowers and succulents cut from a variety of different cones. Ideal for anyone who doesn't have the hand strength or dexterity to cut their own cones. 15 cones provided in each kit. 

Variety Pack Collection

of 40 different cones, catkins and seeds from nature. Let your imagination run wild when using them to be creative! Create animals, decorations, jewelry, figurines, decorations etc. You supply pipe cleaners, beads, googly eyes in your creations.
$5 per set.

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