Donna and Bruce have a lifelong love of hiking, camping and being out in nature with their two dogs. They share a love of aquarium keeping and little critters. Both enjoy doing a variety of crafts and are always learning new things. Donna was a Professional Nature Interpreter for over 15 years teaching all age groups about nature and history using hands-on techniques. She started doing ecological field studies and was involved in a 5 year Non-Timber forest products study to understand what natural products from coastal forests can sustainably be collected.

Bruce's special interest is in medicinal plants and he has led nature walks on ecotours. Putting these skills and interests together allows them to bring you products from nature that you can use for your crafts and pet keeping without needing to cut the forests down. They also can keep costs low for you as local products don't need to be shipped. 

Products from nature are collected only from legal local locations in the central Vancouver Island region using ethical collection practices. We grow our own invertebrate cultures to minimize impact on our natural environment. We use sustainable practices when possible including re-using packaging such as bags, boxes, culture containers and even storage containers. 

Contact us:

By phone: 250-753-5246  10am to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday
(No late night or early morning calls please.)

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