Cones, Acorns & Scales

We offer a variety of sizes and shapes of cones and seeds for crafts, aquariums, paludariums, vivariums and nature study. 

Red Pine family, yellow pine family, spruces, redwoods and more! 

Red pine

XS (less than an inch tall) 50 cones $5
S 1-1.5 inches tall) 75 cones $5
M (1.5-3 inches) 75 cones $5
L (3 inches tall and larger) 50 cones $5 (Sold out)
Mixed bag sizes 75 cones

Click here to see ideas for pine cone projects
Xmas wreath, bird feeder, other craft photos

Box (Inquire about larger amounts)

Red Pine
We also have a few medium and small pine cones with smooth scales which would be ideal for people with sensory issues (no risk of sharp prickles).
S 1-1.5 inches tall) 75 cones $5
M (1.5-3 inches) 75 cones $5

Ponderosa Pine 

S (under 3 inches tall) 4 cones for $1
M (3-4 inches) 2 cones for $1
M-L (4-5 inches tall) 2 cones for $3
L (6-7 inches tall) $2 each

(Limited availability)

White Pine

S (under 4 inches) 40 cones $5
M (4 to 6 inches) 35 cones $5
L (6 inches or longer) 25 cones $5
Mixed size bag 35 cones $5


S (under 1.5 inches) 30 cones $5
M (over 1.5 inches) 25 cones $5

Spruce (papery cones)

Small 100 cones $5
Medium 75 cones $5

Spruce (harder cones)

Mixed bag 30 cones $2
Small 75 cones $5
Medium 50 cones $5


Mixed size bag 50 cones $2
Mixed size bag 150 cones $5

Sweetgum Balls (seed pods)

Mixed size bag 100 balls $5

Alder Catkins

Mixed size bag 50 catkins $2
Mixed size bag 150 catkins $5

Mixed bag Acorns caps

Partially formed and and empty. Doubles and singles.
50 caps $2

"Grab Bag" of a Variety of Cones
A variety of species of cones, catkins and acorn caps
pic coming soon
150 pieces $5

Lebanon Cedar Scales only

Small & Medium 40 scales $2
Large 30 scales $2
Large 100 scales $5

Grand Fir Scales only (mostly flat)

Mixed size bag 50 scales $2
Mixed size bag 150 scales $5

Douglas Fir Scales only

Mixed size bag 75 scales $2
Mixed size bag 200 scales $5

Pine cone scales (medium)
Great scale size for hobbit and fairy house roofs or flower petals!
9 scales covers slightly more than about 1 inch square. Can be laid more loosely to use fewer scales. Overlapped more tightly will use more scales.
400g (approx. 1000 scales) $25

Pine cone scales (small)
These smaller scales are ideal for more intricate patterns and smaller flowers. Some of them have unique chocolate lines on the inside of the scale. Some are plain brown.
3" x 6" zip close bag Approx 50g $3

Classroom Collection -ideal for homeschool and classroom use.

This is a collection of a variety of cones from native and ornamental trees.
This collection is great for learning about seed dispersal, aerodynamic shape, Fibonacci numbers and general diversity of seed type among trees. Many writing, numerical and critical thinking opportunities! (Compare and contrast, pros and cons, measurement, shape, identification characteristics, categorizing, habitat requirements,  use by wildlife, creativity questions etc.)

Students can handle most cones. Delicate ones are mounted in small clear containers.

Use a 10X hand lens, jeweller's loupe or microscope to view. (Purchase additional cones to break them apart to observe the seeds and wings inside).

A collection of a variety of types of cones and catkins from both evergreens and deciduous trees including one sample of a cross section of a cone. 40 items in total. Plus 2 Mystery items to identify.
An online identification chart is provided. $5 per collection.

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