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Really Cute Redwood Cone Panda Bears

This adorable Panda Bear is sure to please bear lovers, children and adults alike! You can even leave him a natural brown color! When I made my first one, it reminded me of Winnie the Poo or Paddington Bear! And once I had made a family-The 3 Bears Momma Bear, Poppa Bear and Baby Bear! Great as a gift for panda bear figurine collectors, a wedding place holder, birthday cake topper and so much more! Make them at a themed birthday party! They are fun and easy enough for kids to make! And you can customize them too! Materials: black acrylic paint white acrylic aint paint brush (size 4 for painting the body and size 2 for the eye patches and nose.) water (to rinse brushes) glue gun and glue sticks sturdy metal scissors or hand clippers to cut cones 2 dry sequoia cones: one large, one about 1/3 to 1/2 the size of the other. 2 round-tipped alder cones 3 spruce cone cores (about 12 cm or 3 inches long) of medium ripeness Step 1   Collect and prepare all your materials. I use alder cones for t