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Do you love Glitter? But hate the Mess?

I found a great solution! Glitter glue!  I remember when I was a kid and I loved using glitter in my craft projects! But I hated the mess, so did the rest of the family. Glitter got everywhere! Even if we made things at school, the glitter inevitably made it's way home. Well many years have gone by and I chose not to have glitter in my house. But someone had a innovation to solve that!  I love innovations! They put glitter into a transparent glue! Brilliant! Now we can dab or paint the glitter where we want it and not have to worry about getting it all over the house. Make sure to give the glue enough time to dry before displaying or using your creation. I found if you apply the glitter glue thickly it takes several hours to dry. Applied thinly, it dries more quickly. If you apply it over paint that is not completely dry, it gives a washed effect which dulls both the underlying color and the glitter. It depends on what effect you want for a project how you apply the glue. Gold, sil