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Check out my new Youtube Channel for this blog!

I have set up a new youtube channel to compliment this blog. Check it out and subscribe and click the bell so you receive a notification each time a new video comes out. My intention is to do either a nature or craft blog post or a video once a week. Here's my first video on a Useful Tool for Nature Study! Magnifying Lens!  Keep it simple and is a reasonable price! Here is a link to the Clip On Lens I mention in the video.  Clip on 60X Currency Detection Microscope (with white light). I tend to leave this at home so I don't get my phone or the microscope wet or dirty as that can wreck it. But it's great for at home use. Also here is a link to a Jeweller's Loupe  similar to mine. This one is a 30X magnification. Mine is a 10X magnification. The reason I like the basic ones (no light etc) is you can use them around water and dirt and not have to worry about getting them wet or gravel in the hinges. The ones with the light you have to be careful with and so I wouldn't